October 13, 2009 Justin

So I guess I’ve been a little vague

I really didn’t mean to be. Quite honestly, I thought everyone knew what was going on, but it was brought to my attention that actually hardly anyone knew what was going on. So here we go. We’re recording a new record…, like literally, right now. We’ve been in Atlanta for about a month (hence all my Atlanta-based status updates on the Facebook and Twitter). We’re working with Rick Beato again, and if that name sounds or doesn’t sound familiar, he’s the fella who produced our first record, June’s Picture Show. The album is getting pretty close to finished, and it sounds downright awesome. We don’t have a title for the album just yet, but I’ll certainly let you know when we get one. And unfortunately, I don’t know a release date either (and of course I’ll let you know that, too). We’d love to have it out by the spring, but, as I’ve found, these things tend to change. So if you’re wondering about the lack of tour dates recently, there’s a little explanation for you. We’re not just sitting around the house, eating potato chips, and being just overall lazy. Actually, we’re sitting around in a hotel doing those things.

And for those of you wondering what we named the rehearsal space, we still haven’t decided. But there are some terrific ideas there. Thank you so much for your input. And if you still have some, keep ’em coming. If you don’t know what I’m talking about right now, go read the post before this one. And leave a suggestion. 🙂

Look forward to seeing you guys soon, and for you to hear our record!