September 15, 2009 Justin

Okay we need your help naming our rehearsal space

So here’s the deal…we have this rehearsal space. It’s where we rehearse and stuff. Well, I’m tired of calling it the rehearsal space (or the practice space), and I think we need a name for it. We have some ideas already, but we thought maybe we need to go outside our little circle to get some help from you guys. So just reply to this blog with your ideas. Here’s a few things to keep in mind. Short and sweet, and easy to say. Like, I’m tired of saying I’m going to the rehearsal space because it just takes so long to say…. maybe it doesn’t take that long, and I’m just crazy, but I want something easier than that. If the name somehow relates to us, or our songs, great. But it doesn’t have to. Okay now go!