March 30, 2009 Justin

March Madness = March Sadness

So I don’t really hide the fact that I’m a die-hard University of Memphis athletics fan (it’s probably unhealthy, really), so you can imagine my disappointment with the loss to Missouri in the NCAA Tournament. But now that the University of Kentucky has completely raped and pillaged our entire basketball program…oh there are just no words…

On to good news. Matt broke is hand…no, wait… that’s not good news. But unfortunately the truth. Now you might say to yourself, “Don’t they have shows coming up?” And I would say, “Yes we do.” And you would then ask, “Well what are y’all gonna do for a drummer?” And I would say, “Finally! We get to use a drum machine!! Ingram Hill, dance-club style!” Just kidding. A friend of ours named Michael McManus will be filling in for a few weeks, until little Matty’s hand gets all better. 🙂 So we look forward to seeing you soon.

Here’s to my beloved Memphis Tigers getting their program napalmed. Oh what a day