March 16, 2009 Justin

It’s the most wonderful tiiiime of the year

Yes, yes I know. That song is supposed to be for the Christmas holiday. But let’s be honest. Isn’t March Madness so much better? There’s no holiday traffic. You don’t have to worry about buying presents. You get to avoid the mall…and some annoying relatives. You get to watch some of the best and most exciting basketball every game. If your team is included in the NCAA Tourney, it’s even more fun. And it’s just hard to beat the intensity of single elimination tournaments. Even if you don’t like sports, you get multiple opportunities to go to parties, eat hot wings and pizza, drink beer, and watch your friends act like idiots yelling at the TV (I’m one of those idiots). Yep… hard to beat.
Speaking of hot wings and beer, we’re still writing a bunch of superbadass songs. Okay I shouldn’t talk them up that much. I don’t want your expectations too high, so let me rephrase. We’re writing a bunch of songs that may or may not be okay…kind of. 🙂 But seriously, it’s going well. And we miss all of you terribly while we’ve had this time off the road. Phil comes over on the daily talking about how much he misses you. Yes, you, reading this right now, at your computer, picking your nose. Stop that, it’s tacky.

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