March 9, 2010 Justin

Wuh-Wuh-Wuh-Wuh-Wooorrrld of Beer!!

When you read that subject, do you read it like a pop/R&B song doing an effect on the vocals where it’s almost like a record scratching (ex: the end of the chorus in that song “Whatcha Say” from Jason Derulo)? Well, if you don’t read it that way, then you’re reading it wrong, so go back and try again.


Okay good, you’re back. So I just wanted to let you know about a couple things. Number one, we’re playing some shows, and you need to come hang out with us at them. We’re VERY excited about going to hang out with some our favorite people at World Of Beer. As you can see from our tour schedule, we have quite a few shows at different World Of Beer locations… we like to call it a WOB mini tour. If you’re wondering what the hell World Of Beer is, you can go here (, but in a nutshell, it’s some really great people that have come up with the brilliant idea of offering quality beer from around the world (seriously, from freakin everywhere), and mixing it with some amazingly handsome musicians (that’s where we come in)…oh, and some other good music as well…, and all the while being good folks and creating a great World Of Beer family. So by all means, check them out, say hello, do what you do. Oh, and come see us when we’re there. Cuz these shows are free, dawg!

Number two. We’re working like crazy to get a release date for our record. It’s finished… it’s awesome… you’re gonna love it. I want you all to have it right now. But keep sticking with us. Soon enough that musical void in your life will be filled with the glooorious sounds of new Ingram Hill songs!