January 9, 2010 Justin

To celebrate the King’s birthday yesterday…

I had a delicious fried peanut butter and banana sandwich. It was the first one I’d ever had. It makes a lot of sense why it was Elvis’s favorite sandwich, and why he gained a bunch of weight! haha. Holy crap it was good! But I figured it would be okay to clog up my arteries for my all-time favorite. I recommend you try it at least once (but the secret is to mash up the peanut butter and banana together before you fry it).
So to get to my other point, I updated a few statuses with this info about the sandwich and Elvis’s birthday, and one of the responses was quite nice. We get messages like this every once in a while, and it really just makes me feel good about what we do. I think everyone needs that reassurance from time to time. We certainly don’t take for granted the messages and comments we get regularly, but sometimes someone comes out of the woodwork..someone we’ve never met before, have never heard from…and just makes your night. In this instance, I figured I’d share.

“i was a maintenance man at a amusement park in memphis tn for 12 years, my job was to maintain the (zippin pippin) a 100 year old wooden rollercoaster that was his fav ride, he used to rent out the park all night long and ride it over and over. so to you i say thanx, for being my elvis . ive never had the op to see you live but i hope to some day, dont ever stop. i dont know what i would do without your tunes and lyrics to get me thru the shit in my life”

This made me smile. Thanks for the message, Kevin.