December 21, 2009 Justin

Well maybe we have a gift for you after all

Here you were thinking your old pals, Ingram Hill, we’re gonna get you a gift for Christmas. Well boy were you wrong! Now if only I had learned how to use the internet and our website, I probably would’ve given you your gift a lot earlier. However, I still haven’t learned how, so I used a website called for your gift, and lemme just tell you, my understanding of that site is at all time low. I nearly shot my computer. It almost got me out of the Christmas spirit, and you almost didn’t get a gift! But I think I figured out. SO, if you’ve ever wanted to own the actual mp3 of our YouTube cover of Chris Brown’s “With You,” you can download it for free. And if you’ve never wanted to own that, then we have some coal on the way to your house right now. 🙂 Download that sucker right here

Oh, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, we got this for you.

***UPDATE*** You gotta click on the “free download” link under Tracklist, just below the album cover.