December 15, 2009 Justin

Wait, there’s a another winner?!?!

Of course there is. If you remember, we not only were looking for a name for our rehearsal space, we also needed a name for our new album (though we didn’t run a contest for the latter). I don’t know why these things take so long… I guess because it’s like, one step below naming your band. Once it’s done, it’s kinda done. I mean, sure, you could always change your band name. Bands do it all the time. But you lose name recognition and branding and all that whole shebang (sidenote: does anyone else read the word “shebang” as “she bang” in the voice of William Hung? Example here), so once you pick your band name, you really wanna try to stick to it. And once you’ve achieved some sort of notoriety, it’s kinda silly to change your name. So basically it’s set in stone. Same with an album title. Once you name it, it’s there. It’s on the cover, it’s listed in iTunes, and you get a million questions about why you named your album what you did. So almost half the goal is to just not name it anything stupid (like June’s Picture Show…”Maaan I love that JANE’S Picture Show album”). That said, here’s the new title and tracklisting:

Look Your Best
1. Broken Lover
2. Lady Gray
3. As Long As I’m With You
4. Hey Girl
5. Burn Out Your Flame
6. Come Around
7. Miss Kennedy
8. The Hardest Part
9. Ready For The Sun
10. Wish You’d Stay

Of course, track listings are subject to change. But that’s what it is right now, and what we plan on it being forever. The album is getting mastered right now, and as soon as we get it back, I’ll put the actual studio versions of songs on our Myspace player, instead of my crappy home demo versions.

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday!